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Clinical neuroscience teams celebrate improvements to patient safety

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Within Duke University Hospital (DUH), efforts to improve patient safety never stop. They are, however, sometimes celebrated, as they were last week over pasta, raffles, and lightsabers.

Close to 50 members of DUH’s Neuroscience teams celebrated improvements they made as individuals and groups, such as catching misplaced medications before they were given, creating tip sheets to improve the proper dosing of medications, or even reducing late night noise to help patients in critical condition get better sleep.

The event celebrated achievements to improve patient safety and quality of life implemented at DUH over the past year. Some of the more than 20 achievements over the past year recognized at the event include:

“Every single day when you walk into unit, you are protecting yourself and protecting another unit,” said Clinical Operations Director Sara Emory, DNP, MSN, who wore a yoda-shaped hat fitting the Star Wars theme of the event. “I’m proud of you all and will look forward to another year.”