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Duke Neurology members, alumni reunite, celebrate Janice Massey at AAN

Friday, April 27, 2018

Current and former members of the Duke Department of Neurology gathered to catch up on old times, enjoy the Southern California weather, and celebrate the career of Janice Massey, MD, at the AAN meeting last week in Los Angeles. About 30 people attended the event, with individuals from Larry Faulkner, MD, head of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, to numerous women and men Massey had mentored over the years expressing their memories of working with her.

Here are a few samples taken from the more than a dozen people who volunteered to write about their time with Dr. Massey:

  • "Janice is a warm, engaging, and talented neurologist, but she is also a person you want on your side in a conflict and she has always remained true to her roots." - Larry Faulkner, MD
  • "She is thoughtful, deliberate and a joy to work and collaborate with. Dr. Massey is a valued and trusted colleague and friend, and most well-deserving of this recognition by our department." - Vern Juel, MD
  • "Dr. Massey is a legend in neuromuscular medicine. She is well known not only for being an accomplished leader, respected researcher and highly skilled physician, but as a role model to women in the field. She blazed a trail in a subspecialty dominated by men, creating opportunities for the women who followed." - Lisa Hobson-Webb, MD
  • The expertise Dr. Massey provides to patients and organizations is matched only by her kindness, humility, volunteerism, common-sense-know-how and wit. She is an outstanding mentor for many of these same reasons. Working with her was such an integral part of my Duke experience, and continues to have a tremendous impact on me and my career." Amanda Guidon, MD
  • “Janice has always been a champion for patients, women and all learners...She is a role model for all women in neurology- both senior and junior. We have all so much to thank her for and we all should aspire to have a lasting impact on our profession like Dr. Massey." - Allison Brashear, MD, MBA