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Duke Neurology in the News: July 2018

Friday, July 13, 2018
faculty collage

In recent news stories, faculty members from the Neurology Department discuss everything from how to improve sleep to new therapies for brain tumors and Huntington's disease. Below are short summaries of articles featuring our faculty that were published over the past two weeks.

  • Almost all of the body’s functions rely on getting enough quality sleep, but most of us are sabotaging those efforts one way or another. In Wednesday’s DukeToday, Aatif Husain, MD, (upper left),  talks about the problems poor sleep can cause and offers simple ways to sleep better. Read what he has to say here.
  • Andrew Spector, MD, (upper right)  appeared on a recent TopMedTalk medical podcast, where he discussed sleep disorders and the impact they can have to patients facing surgery with hosts Desiree Chappell and Vicki Morton. Listen to or download the podcast here.
  • A new therapy designed by Neurosurgery’s Darrell Bigner, MD, our Annick Desjardins, MD, and colleagues offers new hope to some patients with some types of brain tumors. In a recent Sanvada article, Desjardins discusses this therapy and how it seems to be of special benefit to a subset of patients. Read that article here.
  • A new article in Rare Disease Report on Huntington’s Disease features both Burton Scott, MD, PhD, and Al La Spada, MD, PhD. Scott discusses the cognitive and mental symptoms people with Huntington’s develop, while Al La Spada, MD, PhD, discusses potential treatments for the condition that are under development. Read that article here.