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Neurology Department faculty, fellows, staff shine at NCSET meeting

Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Duke Neurology Department’s contributions to the field of neurodiagnostics were on full display in Greensboro last week at the North Carolina Society of Electroneurodiagnostic Technicians’ (NCSET) annual meeting. More than 10 Duke Neurology faculty members, staff, and fellows taught courses or workshops on topics from pediatric EEGs, to promise and pitfalls of evoked potentials in prognostication.

Contributions by members of the Neurology Department include the following:

  • Emily Kale BS, R. EP T., NCSET President
    • Somatosensory testing
  • Zachary Cantor, BS, R. EEG T.
    • Quality assessments in neurodiagnostic technology
  • Muhammad Zafar, MD
    • Normal neonatal and pediatric EEG
  • Saurabh Sinha, MD, PhD
    • Stereo EEG: How and why?
    • Intraoperative monitoring for brachial plexus surgery: Why and how?
    • Epilepsy surgery
  • Mariam Wasim, MD
    • Movements in Sleep: Seizure or parasomnia
  • Christa Swisher, MD
    • Taking a deeper look: Critical care ECoG
  • Dmitry Tchapyjnikov, MD
    • Pathologic EEG patterns in children and their causes
  • Geetanjali Vajapey, MD
    • Clinical correlation recommended
  • Rodney Radtke, MD
    • Anesthetic effects on EEG
    • Aortic surgery
  • Rebecca Rendahl, BS, R.EEG T.,
    • Decisions, decisions!! Critical thinking and troubleshooting in the OR.
  • Matthew Luedke, MD
    • Through a glass darkly: The promise and pitfalls of evoked potentials in prognostication
  • Tristin Allen-Jouaibi, MD
    • Common compressive neuropathies of the upper extremity