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New book offers information, guidance for young adults with strokes and vascular injuries

Friday, August 11, 2017

Carotid and vertebral artery dissections are a major cause of strokes and vascular injuries among young adults. These stokes have a devastating impact, for the people who experience them as well as their loved ones. However, the general public, and even many health-care providers, know little about these vascular injuries.

A new book by Jodi Dodds, MD, and Amanda Anderson, MS, CCC-SLP, offers information and guidance on the subject. Their book offers thorough, easy-to-understand answers to questions that patients with dissections have, and tell the stories of patients who have persevered for years after their dissections.

Dodds is a vascular neurologist at Duke University as well as a nationally recognized expert on strokes in younger populations. She maintains The Stroke Blog. Anderson is a speech language pathologist and a survivor of a severe carotid artery dissection. Read more about the book here.